Our ohana (family) has been sharing Hawai`i with visitors since 1948, when my father Ken Alford began playing Dixieland music in Waikiki and giving malihini (visitors) suggestions on where to go and what to see on the island. Despite the passage of time, our original commitment to visitors from around the world has evolved into the legacy that leads our company today.

As a locally owned and operated company, Bike Hawaii Tours operates with required State of Hawaii permits and license agreements for access to private lands that many times is exclusive to our company. Our passion is to assure our guests experience picturesque beauty and breathtaking adventures at locations that are unknown to most visitors. From lush volcanic mountain ridges, towering waterfalls, verdant valleys and exotic ocean reefs, our adventures lead you on an unforgettable journey from the rainforest to the reef.

Whether your exploration is by bike, hike, sail, snorkel or kayak, your day with us is certain to be a highlight of your lifetime travels. All of our adventures are designed with your flexibility and value in mind: you can experience them individually, over multiple days, or capture up to four adventures in one day. You will also experience the genuine pride we take in caring for each guest through exceptional service and hospitality.

As you review our collection of Rainforest to Reef adventures, if at anytime you have a question, feel free to reach out to us directly by calling us at 1-877-682-7433 (toll free from USA and Canada).


John Alford, President


John Alford is the founder and President of Bike Hawaii Tours. He is also the author of the comprehensive guide book entitled “Mountain Biking the Hawaiian Islands”. Born and raised here in Honolulu, Alford has also worked as an EMT on the local ambulance service and served as Ride Director for the Hawaii Bicycling League. Alford is a true nature lover and has made it his passion to share remote Oahu with others.

Keala Guide

Keala is a perpetual seeker of Life, Love, and Discovery.  Dance is her passion and inspiration is her fuel.  She loves to spend time on top of mountains, under the sun, in the ocean, hanging on the side of cliffs, underwater, among trees, around rocks, in the air, and on stage.  She chooses trails over roads any day, and truly lives life with no regrets.

Eland crop

Meet Eland. He has a passion for everything outdoors. When he is not playing his favorite game of baseball, you will find him in the mountains or at the beaches.


Meet Uncle Mike. Some people call him a walking encyclopedia.


This is David. He has his hands in every aspect of Bike Hawaii. At least he keeps them clean. If you look up workaholic in the dictionary, you will find his picture.


Terii is a 3rd generation local born and raised here on Oahu.  His favorite recreational hobbies are surfing, hiking and camping.  His early start as a Cub Scout and then Boy Scout inspired a life long interest in Hawaii’s outdoors.  Working for the Youth Conservation Corp and being a member of the Lets Go Hiking cable TV show have cemented his passion for our wild places.

Rodolf Profile - Large (2)

Meet Rodolf.  He is a trained scientist with a Master’s degree in Marine Biology, and has been surfing, diving, snorkeling, rock-climbing, and hiking in our beautiful islands for 10 years.  He always looks forward to sharing knowledge and the Aloha spirit with our global visitors.


Christy is our tireless bookkeeper who is always thinking and works crazy hours. Shhh, I think she finally fell asleep. This woman deserves a vacation.