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The Bike Hawaii website is your trail map to hidden trails and exclusive guided adventures in Hawaii. From lush rainforests to volcanic coastlines, our exclusive eco-adventures on Oahu feature some of the most incredible places Hawaii has to offer. Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, biking, sailing or snorkeling, our professional nature guides will lead your eco-adventure to remote Oahu that most visitors never see. With our exclusive access to private properties, you can be assured you won’t be overcrowded by other tours or public access. We provide Kona mountain bikes, kayaks, snorkel equipment, hiking gear, a 40ft catamaran, transportation from Waikiki and delicious meals and beverages.

We invite you to explore Oahu from the rainforest to the reef on any of our multi-sport adventures that can be experienced a-la-carte or all in one day.



Hawaii Waterfall Adventure

Discover the hidden hiking treasures of Oahu’s lush volcanic rainforest. This moderate 2-mile round-trip guided hike is a rare opportunity to explore 75-acres of sacred land that is exclusive only to the guests of our company.
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Downhill Biking Adventure in Hawaii

This easy 5-mile tropical bike ride coasts downhill on a paved road nestled in the lush Pu`u `Ohia rainforest. This unique experience combines Hawai`i’s tropical rainforest with magnificent panoramic views of scenic Oahu.
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Hawaii Kayaking Adventure

Experience the remote and breathtaking beauty of Kualoa, one of the most historically significant places on Oahu, while enjoying a kayak adventure along its scenic windward coast.
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Dirt Trail Mountain Biking in Hawaii

The dramatic beauty of the lush Kaaawa Valley, majestic Koolau Mountain cliffs and stunning ocean views are the backdrop for this epic mountain biking experience.
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Sailing and Snorkeling Tours in Hawaii

Encounter the healing powers of Hawaii's Pacific Ocean on a relaxing and intimate sail off the beautiful Diamond Head coastline. Do as much or as little as you'd like: swim, snorkel, relax and experience the Hawaiian value of "pono" - balance of mind, body and spirit.
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Hawaii Volcanic Rainforest Hike

Trek along the slopes of an ancient cinder cone volcano and explore a lush native forest preserve offering sweeping views of O'ahu's two parallel mountain ranges. Magnificent panoramic views of scenic Oahu.
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Makapuu Lighthouse Trail Hike

Our newest guided Oahu hiking adventure tour showcases the beautiful Ka'iwi coastline and the famous Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail. This is a great spot for whale watching on O'ahu. Located on the eastern shore of O'ahu, Hawai'i.
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